Superior Landscaping in Sarasota

Plugs+ is a Sarasota-based landscaper that has been creating superior landscapes in the Florida communities of Sarasota, Venice, Parrish, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch and Nokomis since 2003. We bring your dream of the perfect landscape into reality. Plugs+ specializes in landscape makeovers and landscape rehabilitation for residential clients. We know how to create beautiful outdoor environments to generate instant curb appeal and a positive first impression. Our goal is to give your home the “wow” factor you are looking for. Our experienced team of landscape professionals has the vision and the attention to detail required to bring your landscape to life. Our founder, J.R. Ekins, takes the lead role in every project. His hands-on management style ensures that every job we undertake is done with prompt professionalism. Customer satisfaction is our passion. We listen to your wants, needs and ideas, and will design and build an outdoor environment that will fit perfectly into your home and lifestyle.


We will consult with you to determine your ideal landscape design. We know the plants that thrive in our challenging Florida environment, and will work with you to create a beautiful outdoor environment you will enjoy for years to come.


Our founder, J.R. Ekins, will personally design your landscape so that it creates a stunning first impression. J.R. is an experienced landscape designer skilled in creating beautiful, cohesive landscapes that add beauty to your property and complement your home.


Our skilled team of landscapers is well known for their attention to detail. We will modify your existing irrigation to ensure that each plant has the proper water to thrive. After installation, our team will clean and finish your landscape so that is stunning from day one.

The Art and Science of a Beautiful Landscape

A gorgeous landscape is about more than each individual plant, shrub or tree; each element must work with all of the others to create a beautiful, pleasing effect that complements its surroundings. Plugs+ creates unique landscapes that will reflect your individuality and enhance your surroundings without overpowering them.

Show Your Individuality

You deserve more than a cookie-cutter approach to plantings and design. Each landscape we design is tailored to you, your house, and your neighborhood. Plugs+ will work with you to determine the perfect balance between cost, maintenance, and the overall effect you wish to achieve.

Choosing the Right Plants

residential landscaping services in Sarasota, Florida

In determining which plants to place in your yard, we consider the unique sun, water and care requirements for each plant. We also appreciate and honor the homeowner’s wishes when it comes to yard maintenance. While some homeowners may want a more exotic planting that requires more specialized care, other homeowners may wish to minimize their outdoor care commitment. Beautiful landscapes are possible in both high- and low-maintenance plantings. Our founder, J.R. Ekins, will ensure that we provide only those plants that will thrive in a given location with the amount of maintenance that the homeowner wishes to provide. We also understand that some existing plantings have special meaning or are a particular favorite. During the design process, if we find that an existing plant is not optimally located, we can remove and relocate the plant to a better location that will provide it with the environment it needs to continue to beautify your yard for years to come.

Water to Each Plant

Even if you have the right plant in the right place, it won’t flourish unless it gets the water it requires to perform well. We will modify your existing irrigation system to accommodate your new plants so that they have the moisture they need to thrive.

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Some of our Exterior Services Include:

commercial landscaping services in Sarasota, Florida


Let our experienced team give your lawn a makeover that will be the envy of your neighborhood. Whether you need a major landscape renovation or a simple plant refresh, we can make your property spectacular.

residential landscaping services in Sarasota, Florida


Sometimes you need to start from scratch. If your plants are overgrown, in ill health, or simply don't fit your style, our team can quickly remove them, giving you a blank slate upon which to design your landscape masterpiece.

commercial landscaping services in Sarasota, Florida

St. Augustine Plugs
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We offer the best St. Augustine plugs and sod for your lawn needs. Whether you want the "instant lawn" that sod provides, or want to take the time to grow your lawn from plugs, we can help.

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