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Plugs+ is an experienced landscaper that designs and builds stunning landscape makeovers on both a large and a small scale. As they age, plants may grow out of their initial location, or may suffer from health issues that mean they aren’t looking their best. Plugs+ is pleased to provide you with a beautiful landscape makeover, whether you need a simple refresh of the plantings in your backyard or a major overhaul of your entire property.

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Our founder, J.R. Ekins, will personally inspect your property to see firsthand the sun, shade and water availability of your location. As part of his review, he will drive through your neighborhood to determine the style of nearby landscapes. This is an important step in the process that will ensure that we create an outdoor design and effect that is unique and special within your neighborhood.

During the initial meeting, J.R. will discuss the impression that you would like to create, as well as your likes and dislikes regarding maintenance, color, plant type and style. Together you will walk the property, talking about what you like and dislike about the existing landscaping and plants. Any plants that you wish to preserve or relocate will be identified and worked into your new landscape design.

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After your new design has been created and agreed upon, the Plugs+ team of experienced landscapers will arrive promptly to provide you with professional service. J.R. will walk through the property with his team to describe in detail what will be done at each stage in the process.

The Plugs+ landscaping team will quickly and efficiently remove any unwanted plants. Your new outdoor environment will begin to take shape as beds are laid and new flowers, plants, trees and shrubs are planted.

Beautiful landscapes require water to flourish. The Plugs+ team is experienced in irrigation modification, and will change your existing irrigation lines to ensure that your new plantings receive the optimal water to establish themselves in their new locations.

As a final step, fresh mulch will be installed and the area will receive a final cleaning to ensure that your new landscape looks spectacular from day one.

We would love to speak with you about your landscape needs. Contact us today to find out how we can provide you with the landscape of your dreams.

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There are many reasons why existing plants need to be removed and the outdoor design should be changed. After purchasing a new home, homeowners often find that the existing landscape is overgrown or doesn’t suit their taste or lifestyle. In addition, older plantings may no longer provide the shape and structure needed to beautify your home, and may suffer from health issues, lack of water, or lack of consistent maintenance.

When you need to start fresh, Plugs+ is there to help. Plugs+ owner J.R. Ekins will walk with you through your property to determine if any plantings need to be saved or relocated. J.R. will discuss the work to be done, and how much of the existing plantings need to be removed.

Once the cleanup plan has been determined, the Plugs+ team will arrive at your property. J.R. will walk with his team to discuss the details of what needs to be removed, and what parts should remain. Our experienced team will remove the unwanted plants, backfill any holes with soil, and cover the area with a fresh layer of mulch.

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Plugs+ is pleased to provide a cleanup of your landscape regardless of whether you choose to plant immediately or finish your outdoor design at a later date. Many homeowners choose to do a complete cleanup of the property before making any final decisions on their next landscape so that they can more clearly see their home without the distractions of the old plantings. This allows the homeowner time to reflect on the design of their home and determine at their leisure what type of landscape they wish to install.

If your landscape requires an intervention, contact us today to discuss how Plugs+ can help you remove unwanted plantings and so that you can start fresh.

Plugs+ is proud to offer the best St. Augustine grass plugs and sod for your yard needs. We make sure that our St. Augustine grass is robust and healthy so that your yard will look green and beautiful for years to come.

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St. Augustine grass is perfectly suited to our Florida climate. We use St. Augustine because it establishes quickly, has good heat and salt tolerance and has a gorgeous, blue-green color that complements its surroundings.

Our St. Augustine sod can provide a beautiful “instant lawn.” We use only the best fresh sod from a well-known and respected Florida sod provider, and we keep it moist and shaded during transport so that it arrives at your house healthy and green. Our team will prepare your yard to give the sod optimal growing conditions. The lawn will first be rolled and watered to ensure a firm, moist foundation. The sod will be installed in a brickwork pattern throughout your lawn, and the cracks will be filled with soil to ensure that moisture is retained. Then the sod will be watered and rolled again to ensure that the roots have optimal contact with the soil.

landscape design company in Venice, FL

Plugs are a more economical option that allows the grass to grow organically to fill out the lawn. The yard is prepared and chunks of grass are planted with the roots intact at regular intervals throughout your property. However, this option requires patience as it takes many months for the grass to grow together to form a thick turf. During this time, your lawn is especially susceptible to weeds because there will be bare spots between plugs while the grass is growing to fill the gaps. However, in the right circumstances, plugs may be a healthier option than sod, provided you have the time available to care for the lawn properly as it develops into a lush green carpet of grass.

Both plugs and sod require regular watering and care, especially in the weeks following the transplant. The professionals at Plugs+ will be happy to provide you with detailed instructions about the care and maintenance of your new lawn.

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